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  • Washington D.C.
1 day

3 Adults Travelling to Washington D.C. In Aug

Request by: raymond

Nice sedan vehicle to pick up 3 adults at Wash DC train station about 9AM along with 3 suitcases. Tour the Washington Mall and see many of the memorials with periodic stops.  Lunch during the tour and drop off at a hotel about 3PM.

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  • Orlando
1 day

A big group of 9 Adults 3 children Travelling to Orlando In Jan

Request by: Victor

My family of 12 (9 adults and 3 children ages 11, 8 and 8) will be going on a cruise from Dec 26, 2021 to Jan 2, 2022 in the Harmony of the Seas. We get off the cruise on Jan 2nd 2022 at Port Canaveral and will fly out at Orlando airport (MCO) at around 4:30pm on same day. We are looking for someone to pick us up at the Port Canaveral cruise port at around 8:30am, give us a private tour of the Kennedy space center and then take us to the Orlando airport by around 2pm. We want a tour guide who speaks English and would provide an air-conditioned van that would comfortably accomodate 12 people plus luggages. (Time is flexible depending on cruise ship disembarkation rules)

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  • Long Beach, Los Angeles
  • Orange, Santa Monica
1 day

A big group of 6 Adults Travelling to Los Angeles, Long Beach, Orange ...

Request by: Herbert

We are looking for a private tour guide. We like outdoor / adventure stuff. For the tour days we're thinking one day to have someone to show us around the busy city. Hollywood and Beverly Hills and the second day we're pretty open to suggestions from the guide.

We require standard accommodation, 3 twin rooms.

We would llike a car rental.

  • Albuquerque, Dallas
  • El Paso, Grand Canyon
10 days

A big group of 30 Adults Travelling to Albuquerque, Dallas, El Paso and ...

Request by: C. F. Sandy

May have 30 Chinese on a bus leaving Dallas going through El Paso, the Grand Canyon and Albuquerque and need a Mandarin speaking guide.

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